Mittwoch, 8. Oktober 2014

The Hundreds 2014 Winter Lookbook

Für das Lookbook Shooting ihre neuste Kollektion ist The Hundreds bis nach Anchorage, Alaska gereist. Zusammen mit Jovell Rennie sind dort wundervolle Bilder mit einer gigantischen Kulisse entstanden. Ein Kontrast wie er besser nicht sein könnte wenn man die Inspiration zur Kollektion weiss. Bobby Hundreds beschreibt hier die Ambitionen zu den Stücken: 

One of the clearest ways of defining who you are is by fighting against what you are not. The Hundreds was established as a response –- to convention, to rules, and industry paradigms. As a couple of kids who built something out of nothing, we’ve proudly bore the flag of the independents and the counterculture. We’ve sought revolution –- a new philosophy for how clothing should be understood, brands experienced, and companies built. The Hundreds Winter 2014 is inspired by this history. The season considers the uniform of radical thinkers and progressive activists. It acknowledges the fashion aesthetic of social change from punk to politics to protests. You know what you stand for. This is what you’ll stand in.

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