Donnerstag, 17. April 2014

chinks (kopf der foot locker approved heat kampagne) im interview

foot locker ist die adresse wenn es um basketballsneaker geht. chinks ist der mann hinter der approved heat kampagne die im februar von foot locker released wurde. mit seiner langjährigen arbeit als einkäufer bei foot locker konnte er sich ein umfassendes wissen über trends, sneakerbrands und wünsche der käufer. wir hatten die möglichkeit ihm einige fragen bezüglich seiner sneakersammlung, seiner lieblingsschuhe und vieles mehr zu fragen. es ist erstaunlich auf was chinks bei einem sneaker wert legt, da er doch tag für tag mit den neusten und angesagtesten sneakern arbeitet. aber lest euch selber an was chinks zu sagen hat.

What do you love about sneakers? what fascinates you? 

i think it started with the rebelliousness of it all. i went to high school in the uk in the 80's - during a time when sneaker culture was just beginning. we had to wear shoes to school, but the cool kids wore sneakers. i was a geek/nerd and i wanted to be one of the cool kids.

Which shoe was your first must-have? how old were you back then?
my first 'must have' shoe was actually a pair of nike air pegasus - i was 16 years old and an avid jogger and these were considered to be 'state of the art back in those days. so i saved my lunch money until i could afford to get myself a pair and felt like i could run like the wind whenever i wore them.

This year, a number of impressive shoes will be released. is there one you're eager for?

the kobe ix gumbo - i like the idea of the fusion of nike flyknit technology and a rather special looking performance basketball shoe.

What is your all-time favourite shoe? why this one? what makes it special?
my all-time favourite shoe is the nike jordan iv retro. the 'why' because it was the featured shoe in a key scene the spike lee movie "do the right thing" (the nike air trainer iii is my second most favourite shoe fore the same reason). what makes it special for me is that when i could actually get my hands on a pair in 1999 - they were the most comfortable and stylish shoes that i owned.

How many shoes do you own? (is it possible to get a picture of your collection?) which are your highlights?
approximately 150-180 pairs - i haven't counted them recently and have donated some to friends and family. as for pictures - this a good shout about i take pictures and upload them to my sneakerpedia page. i'll do that by the beginning of may and will let you know when i have. my highlights are my two jordan iv '99, my two air trainer iii and my kobe ix gumbo.

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