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pysh (einmusika) im interview (english)

nächsten monat erscheint das album "flying circus" von pysh auf einmusika recordings. ich habe mich bereits nach dem ersten hören der neuen tracks verliebt und bin von der qualität und bandbreite des polnischen produzenten begeistert. pysh präsentiert sich in jedem track neu. ob bassmonster, treibende percussion sound oder flockiger house. jeder der tracks hat seinen ganz eigenem charm und weiss wie er den zuhörer in seinen bann ziehen kann. 
ich bin sehr freu das sich pysh die zeit für ein interview mit minimal spieltrieb genommen hat.

interview, audio stream 

You were born in wyszków near warsaw: how did being raised in poland impact on your passion for djing and electronic music? are there any particular artists and djs that really influenced you and your music selection?
it really didnt matter that i was raised in poland, but i need to admit that as the nation we have deep music roots and very rich music tradition. almost  10 years ago it was a little bit hard to get inspired by local artists, so at the begining of my career i tried to follow worldwide trends, now it has changed a lot, polish music market and electronic scene is really strong. i listened to so many djs and artists that i can't name particular artists that influenced my music selection.

If you could choose any artist to collaborate with (dead or alive), who would you choose and why? does every song you produce for your first album “flying circus” resonate with you on a personal level, or do you sometimes write songs purely for the dancefloor?
if i could make any musician alive it would be gil scott-heron, because of his unique style and the music feeling. of course the next one who is alive would be einmusik, but as i have already co-operated with him, my pick would be dj koze. his last album was very inspirying for me.
every song which i make reflects my personality and thoughts. it would be impossible for me to make tracks only for the dancefloor without no personal connection. i am just making my own music and if someone wants to dance to it, it's great.

How would you describe the style of your ablum?
it's electronic fusion, which connects old style with new things. you can find there influences from funk, reggae hip hop, traditional, ethnic music which create some kind of mistic atmosphere.
we cannot describe the character of the album in few words. even though "flying circus" contains varied material it maintans it's individual character.

What is your favourite tracks of the album?
the favourite track from my album is "wakie wakie". it was made as the first and it reminds me one of the "miś uszatek" (eng. "teddy bear") cartoon which i watched in my childhood. additionaly the dialogue that starts the song is about the tickets to the circus so it is connected with the title of the album.

Your dj career began with hip hop. in your tracks you can hear this yet. do you think it was of advantage that you came from this scene?
my dj adventure with hiphop wasn't so long. i started deejaying from scratch and turntable techniques which i used in a few breakdance contests and many sessions with different music bands, but then i wanted to play my stuff in clubs, so i started to search inspirations in house music and what i am doing now. by that wole time i realized that the technique is not as important as what you play.

what are your plans for the year 2014? are major events planned?
of course i have a lot of plans. there are about 10 tracks waiting for being released, but i can't say more. as for the events i have some local gigs and hope that after the release of the album there will be more opportunities to show my music to other people, in the whole world.

If you travel in the time machine, which year would like and why?
i would like to move one month ahead because i can't wait to see my album released. actually i think that the most important is the present moment, not the past or the future.

einmusika recordings hat bislang einen track aus dem bevorstehendem album "flying circus" als preview online gestellt.

wer mehr über pysh erfahren möchte kann  dies auf seiner homepage oder auf seiner facebook seite

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