Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

dragosh (memoria, viva music, desolat) im interview

Ich bin sehr froh euch heute das erste interview mit dragosh präsentieren zu können. mit releasen auf labels wie viva music oder auf dem label von loco dice desolat konnte er sich bereits auf sich aufmerksam machen. in kürze erscheint seine ep "constantec" auf memoria
er hat sich die zeit für ein paar fragen genommen.  

hi dragosh, thanks for speaking with us, firstly could you tell us about your introduction to electronic music? you're a resident of romania where there's now a thriving house and techno scene, have these genres always been prominent in your life or only recently been brought into the limelight?
hello and thank you! well i was introduced to electronic music when i was a kid but only started to fully understand when i was around 15. i've always listened to hip hop, funk and all kind of electronic productions. so it's not so new for me this electronic music scene.

aside from electronic music what are your roots, or other personal tastes?
as i said, rap, funky, jazz and of course classical.

you've released with loco dice's desolat label, dropping 'the warm up' in 2011, which really elevated you into the public eye, how have things evolved for you since then as both a dj and producer, any highlights you can reel off for us? 
well i think releasing with this label put me more into peoples eyes of course, but after the release nothing changed. i didn't have more or less exposure from releasing on desolat. i want to think myself as an underground producer so a release shouldn't give me more hype than i have.

your romanian contemporaries, the ar:pi:ar crew, put the country on the map for techno when they took the scene by storm around 2006, has their music had an inherent influence on the material you're producing do you think? 
when the arpiar crew came out, everybody outside romania start listening more to its artists, but i don't know if they influenced me to change what i do. what i know is that i've never followed their sound or others to try and produce for or like them. i just do my music.

what entices you to the records you buy and play? are you drawn to a particular vibe, ethereal, raw, polished etc? 
when i buy records i just put the needle on it few seconds and i know if it fits for me or not. i search for that material that can change something in me and the mood for people that came to listen to my sets. i don't search for something special just good material.

your new single 'constantec' is about to drop on the memoria imprint, could you run us through this release, when / where it was made, and how the relationship with the label came around? 
the thing with memoria came out very simple: they asked me for some music and i provided it. the tracks have been done in my free time, some like one year ago some just a few months ago. i work on my tracks with really basic components like a few drum machines, software and a pair of headphones, so i've done these tunes at home and worked on them in the library sometimes.

and lastly, what's in store for dragosh in the coming months? 
i never like to talk too much but for now i can say that i produce and produce so something will come out! plus the fabric mix of rhadoo includes one of my tunes which will be out soon so i'm so happy for this! thank you!

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